SUP Electronic Newsletter: Post-Ultrapath XIII, 2006

Report by John Hicks, Immediate Past-President

Ultrapath XIII in Rapid City, South Dakota USA: July 9-14, 2006

Dr. Jerry Simons, Lynn Marie Thomason, Anna Traux and Roxie Traux are to be commended for an excellent Ultrapath Confrerence that was held from July 9th-14th.

The scientific program and the ensuing discussions were exceptional and enjoyed by all attendees.

The social programs were extensive and vigorous. The conference planners went to great lengths to ensure that the attendees and their guests were exposed to the major attractions around Rapid City. The conference attendees and their guests had an opportunity to visit the Journey Museum, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park with Indigenous Wild Life, Enjoy a Chuck Wagon Cookout and Sing-Along, Mount Rushmore Monument, Deadwood Old West Town with Casinos (I won $85 USD) and Old West Street Gun Fights, an 1880 Train Trip with a Train Robbery, and a Banquet with traditional Indian Blessings, Drum Songs and Hoop Dancing.

Both the scientific and social programs will live on in the memories of SUP members for decades to come.

SUP Recognition Awards

Dr. Robert Erlandson Receives SUP Lifetime Acheivement Award at Ultrapath XIII

Dr. Robert Erlandson was recognized at the Ultrapath XIV Banquet in Rapid City South Dakota with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Ultrastructrual Pathology. Bob has served the SUP over many years as a Councillor, President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. Bob has had an incredible impact on Ultrastructural Pathology with respect to diagnosis, treatment and research. He has presented numerous platform presentations at many prestigious meetings and has lectured extensively throughout the world on ultrastructural pathology. He also has published extensively and his chapters and textbook still are referenced frequently by academic and practicing pathologists, residents and fellows.

He has and continues to serve as an ambassador for electron microscopy in the pathology arena. At the Ultrapath XIII meeting, Bob's term as Councillor of the Americas was completed.

The Lifetime Achievement Award from the SUP has been only awarded once and the recepient was Dr. Feroze Ghaddally. This award has honored 2 truly outstanding giants in the filed of Ultrastructural Pathology. It is quite certain that Bob will continue to contribute to SUP in the future.

SUP Honors Outstanding Service at Ultrapath XIII (Outstanding Service Awards)

Dr. Jerry Simons, chair of the SUP nominating committee and Ultrapath XIII Organizer and Host, was recognized for his Outstanding Service to SUP. Jerry is to be congratulated on the social and scientific program that he organized for Ultrapath XIII. The meeting was very enjoyable from both an academic and social environment. Those in attendance had a chance to experience the many and varied offerings of South Dakota, the frontier and the native American culture. Thank You Jerry for all your hard work and efforts.

Dr. Elba Turbat-Herrera was recognized for her dedication and outstanding service to SUP as the Director of the Pathologist-In-Training Award. Elba has performed this duty over many years in an exemplary fashion. With her election as Councillor of the Americas (2006-10), Dr. Allan Tucker will become the Director of the Pathologist-in-Training Award Program. SUP knows that Elba will do a wonderful job with her Councillor of the Americas position.

Dr. Allan Tucker was recognized for his outstanding service to SUP in many different capacities (USCAP Companion Meeting Program Director, Ultrapath Organizer, President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President, Liasion to American Board of Pathology and current appointment as Pathologist-in-Training Award Director). Allan will provide his valuable insight to SUP as an ad hoc Council Member.

Dr. John Hicks, outgoing President, was recognized for his outstanding service to SUP by the Immediate Past President, Dr. Allan Tucker. John has served as Councillor at Large, Councillor of the Americas, President-Elect, President and now Immediate Past President.

SUP Presidential Certificate Awards at Ultrapath XII

Dr. Karlene Hewan-Lowe was recognized for her tireless efforts in maintaining the SUP Website. This is something that all SUP members rely upon for information. Karlene has been the SUP Webmaster for many years and has done an excellent job at keeping the site up to date and informative.

Dr. Irv Dardick was recognized for his assistance with the SUP Website, his resurrection of the SUP Primer of Diagnostic Electron Microscopy for Pathologist-in-Training (CD ROM), and his many contributions to SUP over the years. Irv continues to provide valuable insight to the SUP Executive Council members.

Dr. John Shelburne was recognized as "the hardest working" member of the SUP Executive Council in his role as secretary-treasurer over the past many years. John has performed at an exceptional level for the Society, and his efforts are well appreciated by the membership. It is hoped that John will continue to perform these duties for many years to come. The SUP Presidential Certificat Award recognized his contributions.

Ms. Lynn Thomason, Ms. Anna Traux and Ms. Roxie Traux were recognized with a SUP Presidential Certificat Award. These individuals from the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota were instrumental in making UP XIII run smoothly as a scientific meeting and social event. In addition to the SUP Presidential Certificate, gift cards to Barnes and Noble were given as a small token of appreciation.

New Officers for SUP (2006 to 2008)

The officiers of SUP are currently:

President (2006-08): Josep Lloreta-Trull
President Elect 2006-08): Guillermo Herrera
Immediate Past President (2006-08): John Hicks
Councilor for Americas (2006-08): Elba Turbat-Herrera
Councilor for Europe (2006-10): Marco Santucci
Councilor for Australasia (2006-10) Ted Wills
Secretary-Treasurer: John Shelburne
Pathologist-in-Training Award Allan Tucker
SUP Companion Meeting Program Director 2007: Josep Lloreta-Trull (2006 & 2007)
SUP Companion Meeting Program Director: Guillermo Herrera (2008 & 2009)
Nominating Commitee: Jerry Simmons
Future Ultrapath Meeting Arrangments Director: David Howell
Ultrapath XIV Program Director: Irene Voloudakis-Baltatzis
Ultrapath XV Program Director: Sara Miller
Website Commitee: Karlene Hewan-Lowe & Irv Dardick
American Registry of Pathology Liason: Allan Tucker
Ultrastructural Pathology Journal Liason: Jahn Nesland
Society Historian: Charles Faulkner
SUP Newsletter: Luann Goin & Eric Wartchow (Senior Advisor: Gary Mierau)

Upcoming Meetings and Events

1. IAP Montreal EM Session: September 2006
This session is being presented by several SUP Members (Drs. Karlene Hewan-Lowe, David Howell, Allan Tucker, Guillermo Tucker and others).

2. SUP-USCAP Companion Meeting Feb 2007 (Arranged and Moderated by Dr. Josep Lloreta-Trull)

Differentiating the Undifferentiated and Poorly Differentiated Sarcomas: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Chris Fletcher: Undifferentiated Sarcomas- What To Do and Does It Matter?

Marco Santucci: Recognizing Hidden Phenotypes in Sarcomas Through the Electron Microscope

Guillermo Herrera: Sarcoma Look-Alikes: An Ultrastructural Approach

Julia Bridge: Contributions of Cytogenetics in the Management of Poorly Differentiated Sarcomas

Cristina Antonescu: Molecular Profiling in the Diagnosis and Treatment of High Grade Sarcomas

This SUP Companion Meeting should not be missed!!!!

3. Ultrapath XIV in Herkalion, Crete, Greece: July 6-11, 2008

Ultrapath XIV is well into the planning stages for 2008 (July 6-11th). It will be held in Herkalion on the Greek Island of Crete at the Capsis Beach Hotel & Sofitel Capsis Palace Hotel & Convention Centre.

Dr. Irene Voloudakis-Baltatzis is the Congress Chairperson for Ultrapath XIV. Dr. David Howell is the SUP Director of Ultrapath Future Conferences.

The website is underway at

The Conference planner has a website (

Send the following information to and indicate that you are interested in Ultrapath IV in Crete or feel free to contact David Howell for information (

Address including country:
Email Address:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:

4. Ultrapath XV in USA (probably Richmond, Virginia) in 2010

Dr. Sara Miller has graciously offered to organize Ultrapath XV for 2010 (July or August, date to be determined). SUP Executive Council appreciates Dr. Miller's willingness to organize Ultrapath XV.