Conference on Diagnostic Electron Microscopy
and Research & Oncology

August 6-10, 2012 — Regensburg — Germany

Ultrapath XVIUltrapath XVI at Regensburg, Germany
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Conference on Diagnostic Electron Microscopy, Basic Research and Oncology:
Integration of Ultrastructure, Immunohistochemisty, Molecular Genetic, and Ancillary Techniques


University Medical Center Regensburg


06 August - 10 August, 2012

Conference Chair

Josef A. Schröder, PhD
University Medical Center Regensburg
Pathology Department

Scientific Committee (Society for Ultrastructural Pathology)

Gary Mierau, The Children’s Hospital, Denver/CO (US) (Coordinator)
John Hicks, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston/TX (US)
David Howell, Duke University Medical Center, Durham/NC (US)
Eric Wartchow, The Children’s Hospital, Denver/CO (US)
Josep Lloreta-Trull, Hospital del Mar University, Barcelona (ES)
Marco Santucci, University School of Medicine, Florence (IT)
Josef Schroeder, University Hospital, Regensburg (DE)

Local Organizing Committee

Bärbel Hauröder, Medical Department, Bundeswehr, Koblenz (DE)
Ingrid Hausser-Siller, Dermatopathology, University Hospital Heidelberg (DE)
Michael Laue, Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin (DE)
Michael Mihatsch, Pathology, University Hospital Basel (CH)
Reinhard Rachel, Anatomy, University Regensburg (DE)
Susanne Richter, Austrian Agency Food & Health Safety, Vienna (AT)
Joachim Weis, Neuropathology, University Aachen (DE)

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