Ultrapath XVIII

July 11–15, 2016
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Lisbon, Portugal

Pre-Congress Course, July 10
Egas Moniz – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior CRL

Local Host
Egas Moniz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior CRL

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A.P. Alves de Matos
Chair of Ultrapath XVIII – President-elect of the Society for Ultrastructural Pathology

Electron microscopy is a method whose importance for diagnosis and research in Pathology is well established. Unfortunately, the method remains poorly known by the medical profession and is often not part of the standard medical curriculum, precluding its widespread use in diagnosis. Further factors like the use of proper facilities and experience for performing ultrastructural diagnosis have to be addressed but are often underestimated. It is usually acknowledged that many diagnostic applications that in the past relied solely on electron microscopy methods have been replaced by simpler and more accessible methods like immunocytochemistry and molecular biology.

However it must be understood that electron microscopy is still the most reliable way to study macromolecular structure and its relationships within the cell. Electron microscopy is also a “catch all” method available at the ultrastructural level, thus revealing data both about the scientist’s or medical doctor’s hypothesis and a set of other related information that is often important or decisive for the proper progress of an investigation or diagnosis. This, in itself, can become intimidating as the interpretation of the complex detail of an electron micrograph requires a fair amount of training.

Electron microscopy combined with molecular technologies create new approaches that are much more powerful than the sum of each of the single methods. So, in fact, the question of judging if electron microscopy is worth pursuing or not, probably is not a truly scientific one, and the continuing and expanding importance of electron microscopy combined with other methods either for diagnosis or research, shows clearly that claims of the demise of such tools in biomedical analyses are, to say the least, based on deep misunderstandings.

The Society for Ultrastructural Pathology has been offering a continuing support to our activity as the brief history of SUP by Gary Mierau, that can be found in this Abstract book, clearly shows. Nowadays both electron microscopy and other new microscopy methods have been perfected to an astonishing set of instruments able to extract morphological and chemical information from specimens much smaller than the resolution limit of the conventional light microscope. All these methods are yet to be probed for their usefulness for diagnosis, although their importance for ultrastructural pathology research is already unquestionable.

The Ultrapath meetings represent a unique place for joining together ultrastructural pathologists from all over the world, and also a place where new perspectives and methods can be discussed, seeding the development of new ways to look at this branch of science that combines, in a unique way, both fundamental research and its diagnostic applications.

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Organizing Committee

A.P. Alves de Matos (Ph. D.) (Chairperson) - Egas Moniz, Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, Portugal
Catarina Bernardes (Ph. D.) - Egas Moniz, Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, Portugal
José Martins dos Santos (M.D. Ph. D.) - Egas Moniz, Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, Portugal
Peter Ingram (Ph. D.) - Duke University, USA

Scientific Advisory Committee

Henrique Almeida (M.D. Ph. D.) - University of Oporto, Portugal
A.P. Alves de Matos (Ph. D.) - Egas Moniz, Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, Portugal
Ann LeFurgey (Ph. D.) - Duke University, USA Sara Miller (Ph. D.) - Duke University, USA
Victor Roggli (M.D.) - Duke University, USA
José Martins dos Santos (M.D. Ph. D.) - Egas Moniz, Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, Portugal
Marco Santucci (M.D. Ph. D.) - University of Florence, Italy
Joseph Schroeder (M.D. Ph. D.) - Uniklinikum Regensburg, Germany
John D. Shelburne (M.D. Ph. D.) - Va Medical Center-Durham, USA
Josep Lloreta Trull (M.D. Ph. D.) - Hospital del Mar - Barcelona
Amany Osman (Ph. D.) - Duke University, USA

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Program Overview

  Sunday 10   Monday 11 Tuesday 12 Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 Friday 15
9:00 Registration Plenary Sessions Registration Presidential Lecture Sherif Zaki Victor Roggli  
9:30 Pre-Congress
  Opening Session and Welcome Alan Tucker Seession
9:45   Ghadially Session
10:00 Oral Sessions Infectious
Diseases A
Kidney Lung
11:30 Coffee Break          
12:00 Oral Sessions Pediatric & Mitochondria Neuromuscular Diseases Infectious
Diseases B
New Techniques Business Meeting
13:30 Lunch   Optional Education Activities   Optional Education Activities  
15:00 Poster Sessions Poster Session Poster Session
15:30 Multidisciplinary Sessions
16:00 Coffee Break    
16:30 Oral Sessions Research Session Case Reports
  Congress Reception and Registration   Optional Lisbon Visit Congress Dinner

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Program Schedule

Monday, July 11
Chairs   Authors Sessions and Communications
  09:00 Reception
  09:30 Opening Session
Ghadially Session
A.P. Alves de Matos and Sara Miller 09:45 Ruby Ghadially and Peter Marcus Feroze N. Ghadially – Polymath Extraordinaire
10:30 John D. Shelburne Feroze N. Ghadially, Physician/Scientist1920-2014
10:50 Eric Wartchow History of SUP
11:10 Elba Turbat-Herrera The amazing use of EM for the diagnosis of cytologic samples
Pediatric Diseases
Joseph Schroeder 12:00 Keynote: Ingrid Hausser Classification, diagnosis and pathogenesis of rare heritable connective tissue disorders: The Impact of Differential Ultrastructural Aberrations of Dermal Connective Tissue Components
12:30 John Hicks, Eric Wartchow, Debra Keaney and Gary Mierau Agonal-Stress Vesicles Detected on Ultrastructural Examination in Pediatrics: Potential Mimicker of Metabolic Disease.
Mitochondria Session
Joseph Schroeder 12:45 Alexandre A. Mironov, Galina V. Beznoussenko, Elena Morelli and Thomas Vaccari Early Autophagosomes Are Formed from Myelin-Like Structures Derived from Outer Membranes of Mitochondria.
13:00 Ann LeFurgey and Peter Ingram Analytical Imaging of the Mitochondrion: Probes of Form and Function Revisited
13:15 Anne F. Buckley Mitochondrial Disorders: The Need for Precision Ultrastructural Analysis in Clinical Diagnosis
Research Session
John Shelburne 16:30 Keynote: Alice Warley X-ray microanalysis in the Study of Cell Viability
17:00 Aníbal G. Armién, Eric Snook and Lauren L. Howard Multiple peripheral nerve sheath tumor in endangered Houston toads (Anaxyrus houstonensis)
17:15 Carla SB Viegas, Anjos L Macedo, Rute Morais, Lúcia Santos, António PA Matos and Dina C Simes Dysregulated fetuin-mineral complexes are linked to vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease: the role of Glarich protein
17:30 Ana Laura Sousa, Sílvia Vale-Costa, Maria João Amorim and Erin M. Tranfield Using Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy to Understand Influenza A Viral Assembly
17:45 Miguel A. Martínez and María P Ortega A quantitative study of the interstitial cells in renal allograf fibrosis


Tuesday, July 12
Chairs   Authors Sessions and Communications
Presidential Lecture
A.P. Alves de Matos 09:00 Sara E. Miller A Half-Century of Discovery: Methods for Dealing with Unusual EM Specimens
Infectious Diseases A
Sara Miller 10:00 Keynote: Bärbel Hauröder and Rolf Michel The Micro-Bio-Trojans: Free-living Amoebae as reservoirs for human pathogens, giant viruses and other surprises
10:30 Aníbal G. Armién, Dean Muldoon and James Collins Usefulness of electron microscopy in animal pathogen detection and disease monitoring
10:45 J Gilloteaux, J Koch and JM Jamison Morphology and Cell Death of Human Leukaemia T Lymphocytes (Jurkat Cells) Expressing HIV-1 TAT-72.
11:00 Soheir S. Mansy, Eman ElAhwany, Sara Hassan, Soheir Mahmoud, Mohammed Ismail, Amr Abdelaal, Ahmed S. Abdel Fattah, Moataz Hassanin, Ahmed Hazim and Mona A. Zoheiry Comparable ultrastructure study of hepatocellular carcinoma experimentally induced in mice with the human surgically resected tumour over preexisting hepatitis C virus.
11:15 Soheir S. Mansy, Mona M. Nosseir, May M. Othman, Mona A. Zoheiry, Mohammed F. Guda, Hoda H. Yehia and Moetaz H. Hassanein Spotlight on the three main hepatic fibrogenic cells in HCV infected patients: Multiple immunofluorescence and ultrastructural study
Neuromuscular Diseases
Lloreta Trull 12:00 Keynote: Karen M. Weidenheim and Gloria W. Stephney Clinical Relevance of Electron Microscopy for Neuromuscular Diagnosis
12:30 John Hicks Tubular Aggregate Myopathy: Ultrastructural features
12:45 Serguei I. Bannykh and Miriam Nuno Ultrastructural comparison of extraventricular and central neurocytomas
13:00 Valentina Papa, Roberta Costa, Roberto D’Angelo, Rita Rinaldi, Elena Pegoraro, Marina Fanin, Corrado Angelini and Giovanna Cenacchi The role of Transmission Electron Microscopy in vacuole-associated myopathies
13:15 Jacques Gilloteaux, Kritika Subramanian and Nadia Solomon Peripheral Neuropathy and Leptin Receptor Defect: Demyelination of the Sciatic Nerve of the Obese Zucker Rat


Wednesday, July 13
Chairs   Authors Sessions and communications
Plenary Session
Sara Miller 9:00 Sherif Zaki Emerging infectious diseases
Kidney Diseases
David Howell 10:00 Keynote: Guillermo A. Herrera Understanding mesangial pathobiology in health and disease
10:30 Miguel A. Martínez, Dabaiba Regidor Rodríguez and José M Morales Cerdán Value of electron microscopy examination in the diagnosis of chronic alloimmune injury in renal allograft
10:45 Guillermo A. Herrera, Jiamin Teng, Chun Zeng PhD and Elba A. Turbat-Herrera Plasticity of mesenchymal stem cells (mscx) in mesangial repair: the crucial role of electron microscopy (EM) monitoring and understanding the process
11:00 David N. Howell Renal Biopsy in Patients with Lupus: Not Just Lupus Nephritis!
11:15 Leonel Maldonado, Abhijin Das, Andrea G. Kahn and David Howell Immunotactoid Glomerulopathy in a Patient with Hepatitis C Viral Infection
Infectious diseases B
Barbara Hauroeder 12:00 Keynote: Sónia Rocha, Graça Casal and Carlos Azevedo Studying Microparasites of the Phyla Myxozoa and Microsporidia Infecting Fish – the Ultrastructural Contribution
12:30 Sara E. Miller EM in Identification of Infectious Organisms
12:45 Ann LeFurgey and Peter Ingram Pathogenesis and Microchemical Anatomy of the Protozoan Parasite Leishmania
13:00 W. Antunes, P. Fonseca, J. Freitas, I. Gomes, C. Alonso and A.P. Alves de Matos Ultrastructural characterization of B. anthracis spores: The existence of two spores subpopulations?
13:15 A.P. Alves de Matos, Líbia Zé-Zé, Fátima Amaro and Maria João Alves Ultrastructural and immunofluorescence studies of Zika infection
Multidisciplinary Session
Ingrid Hausser 15:30 James R. McMillan, Chris-Jude Quaye, Sophia Aristodemou, Gema Vizcay-Barrena, Andrew Yarwood, Roland A. Fleck and John A. McGrath Exophilin-5 (EXPH5) expression in human skin and association with basal keratinocyte intracellular vesicles.
15:45 Cindy Smith Microwave processing in Electron Microscopy
Case Reports
John Hicks 16:30 P. Fallier-Becker, J.P. Vollmer, H. Wolburg, S. Haen, J. Steiner, S. Noell, R. Lehmann and F. Fend Case report: Propofol related Syndrome(PRIS)
16:45 John Hicks Extraosseous ewings sarcoma of the tongue initially mistaken for lymphoblastic lymphoma: keypoints in diagnosis.
17:00 Pance Zdravkovski and Gordana Petrusevska Early diagnostic ultrastructural features of Wilson’s disease
17:15 S. Bulimbasic, G. Aralica, A.Pacic and M. Kolovrat Extrapancreatic solid pseudopapillary neoplasm: Report of a Case.
17:30 Galina V. Beznoussenko, Gururaj Kidiyoor, Alexandre A. Mironov and Marco Foiani Ultrastructure of Fibroblasts fromPatients with Progeria
17:45 John Hicks Role of scanning electron microscopy in diagnosis of hair shaft abnormalities.


Thursday, July 14
Chairs   Authors Sessions and Communications
Lloreta Trull 9:00 Victor L. Roggli (presented by John D. Shelburne) Microprobe Analysis in Pulmonary Pathology
Lung Diseases
Victor Roggli 10:00 Keynote: Kyriacos Kyriacou The “BESTCILIA” Final Event andConference
10:30 Josef A. Schroeder, Matthias Semmelmann, Heiko Siegmund, Claudia Grafe, Matthias Evert and Christoph Palm Improved Interactive Computer-assisted Approach for Evaluation of Ultrastructural Cilia Abnormalities.
10:45 J. Hicks Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Associated with STAT5b Deficiency: A Rare Entity.
11:00 Panayiotis Kouis, Panayiotis K. Yiallouros, Stefania I. Papatheodorou, and Kyriacos Kyriacou The Detection Rate of Transmission Electron Microscopy in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
11:15 John Hicks, Eric Wartchow and Gary Mierau Pulmonary Interstitial Glycogenosis: Review of Histopathologic, Immunocytochemical and Ultrastructural Features
New Techniques
Ann LeFurgey 12:00 Keynote: Ben Hoover and Diego V. Bohórquez The tuft cell nanostructure: unabridged
12:30 A. Pinto, A. Ribeiro and T. Carvalho CLEM analysis of the angiogenic process in a zebrafish model of spinal cord injury
12:45 Irene Wacker, Rasmus R. Schröder and Josef A. Schroeder Pathology goes 3D: Exploring the potential of array tomography versus FIB nanotomography for a CADASIL sample.
13:00 Peter Ingram and Ann LeFurgey Analytical Microscopy MethodsCompared: EPXMA, XPXMA and SIMS
13:15 Nuno Moreno, Nuno Pimpão Martins, Gabriel Martins Super-resolution in Light Microscopy


Friday, July 15
Chair   Speakers
Allan Tucker Session
John Shelburne 09:30 David Howell
Leonel Maldonado
Lloreta Trull

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Monday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 13
Authors Title
Neringa Pauziene, Jaune I. Pauzaite, Paulius Alaburda, Kristina Rysevaite-Kyguoliene, Dainius H. Pauza, Juozas Kupcinskas, Zilvinas Saladzinskas and Algimantas Tamelis Remodelling of Enteric Nerves andGanglia in Diverticular Disease
Carsten Dittmayer, Eckhard Völcker, Irene Wacker, Rasmus Schröder and Sebastian Bachmann Scanning electron microscopy of thin sections: A technique to overcome limitations in kidney ultrastructural research
Julian Ananiev, Koni Ivanova and Maya Gulubova Gastric endocrine cells and gastric cancer: relations, significance and prognosis
S. Müller and J. A. Schröder Chylomicron Retention Disease (CRD) inTurkish Twins
M. Hakan Tirhis, E. Rumeysa Hekimoglu, Merve İnanc and F. Figen Kaymaz Electron Microscopic Analysis and Comparison of Internal Limiting Membrane and Macular Hole Patients
Teresa Agnieszka Karpińska, Magdalena Wasiak and Michał Reichert Study of Different Bovine LeukemiaVirus Mutants on the Subcellular Level
Christoph Brochhausen, Andreas Mamilos, Salmai Turial and C. James Kirkpatrick Pectus Excavatum-first ultrastructural findings of a potential ciliopathy
Fernanda Marques, António Pedro Matos, Cristina P. Matos, Isabel Correia, João Costa Pessoa and Maria Paula Campello Ultrastructural features of cells following incubation with metal complexes using phenanthroline-based ligands: the influence of the metal center
Christoph Brochhausen, Andreas Mamilos and C. James Kirkpatrick Brush or scratch? Which biopsy is superior for the ultrastructural diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia - A retrospective analysis.
Berfu Korucu, Işık Ünal, Mert Pekcan, Mehmet Alper Çetinkaya, Figen Kaymaz, Kadir Mutlu Hayran, Mustafa Tuğrul Demír, Ahmet Çağkan İnkaya, Murat Akova, Serhat Ünal and Yunus Erdem In Vivo Evaluation of Protective Effect of Hydration With Sodium Chloride Versus Urine Alkalinisation on Colistin Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats
Magda Azmy, Bassant Meligy, Sahar Khairat, Amal Sayed, Dalia K. Ismail and Shaimaa Yahia A study of biofilm on endotracheal tubes in pediatric intensive care unit
R. Cordeiro, L. Jordao, A.Pelerito, I. Lopes deCarvalho and M. S. Nuncio Implementation of bioterrorism agents diagnostic by electron microscopy in Portuguese reference laboratory
John Brealey and Robert Carroll Hydroxychloroquine-Induced Phospholipidosis in a Renal Transplant Patient
A. Mironov Jr. Stereological morphometric grids forImageJ
Andres Piirsoo, Triin Remmel and Anu Kõiveer Ultrastructural changes of small intestine in Whipple disease patient.
Hoda Yehia, Manal El Said, Magda Azmy, Moushira Badawy, Soheir Mansy, Hamida Gohar and Nadia Madany Effect of Linezolid Alone and in Combination with Other Antibiotics, on Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus: An Ultrastructural and Time Kill Study
António Matos, Fernanda Marques, Rita Francisco, Tiago Moreira, Ana Preto, M. Helena Garcia and Andreia Valente Unraveling the mode of action of new promising polymer-ruthenium conjugates
Rute Morais, Carla SB Viegas, Dina C. Simes, António PA Matos and Anjos L Macedo Application of TEM Techniques for the Study of Vascular Calcification: Monitoring Extracellular Vesicles and NanoGold Immunodection of Fetuin-A, GRP and CD9
Rosana Blanco, Ana García, and Francisco Vera-Sempere Ultraestructural findings from paraffin embedded tissue in intraoral lesions caused by Leishmania infantum
Maaike van Zon, Karin de Punder, Anita Grootemaat, Wikky Tigchelaar-Gutter, Astrid van der Sar, Roland Brosch, Rogelio Hernandez Pando, Nicole van der Wel Subcellular localization of M. tuberculosis in vivo and effect of the adaptive immunity.

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Leica Microsystems
Ted Pella, Inc.
FEI Company   MonoComp Instrumentación S. A.

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